Rodgers luck strikes as Pep could leave Haaland out of Man City team for Leicester with Dortmund fever addressed

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Brendan Rodgers must have found his lucky coin as todays news of a fever sick Erling Haaland made Pep clue less and with no answers who to call when goals were needed.

Borussia Dortmund kept Man City quiet during the full game and it all ended in a 0-0 draw. So with Haaland uncertain for Leicester, it could of course be a strong moment for Brendan Rodgers.

We have seen Brendan Rodgers doing master acts vs. Man City before thinking back on that 5-2 win two years ago. In that game with out any fans around it all looked so easy, just sitting back and waiting for that to happen, also of course those penalties.

Pep has this season played Haaland as much as possible to keep up with the stress from Arsenal, who still are the leaders of Premier League even with the goalscoring stats of the Norwegian striker.

We have of course seen Leicester improvement over the last games and no one should fault this team as the top level of performances can outclass anyone and Man City without Haaland is a very different football team and a team without a goalscoring machine in there.

To go of the field vs. Borussia Dortmund not able to score, makes it of course a major concern to see him playing Haaland as a desperate man would do when he does not have any other option, but to play Haaland with fever in his body is far from ideal.

We just have to wait and see but still strange to see Pep making a gamble with Haaland and his health as this game in real had nothing to count. Man City are up against Sevilla in their next CL game which has no effect on the final outfall of the group, so we just have to wait and see what will happen and if Pep again will play his golden boy again.


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