Who will be next manager at Leicester with former Southampton boss and current Celtic manager as best candidates

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The names mentioned in the list of possible candidates to take over at Leicester are mostly people that would look at a long term deal and be part of a Premier League outfit if they are to consider a move.

Recent news regarding Brendan Rodgers, told to be desperate to get out of the club and having little or no energy left to bring the club forward, also makes difficult reading as he often talked about the problems in his press conferences.

Leicester at the moment looks like a sinking ship and with a group of players, far from fighting form, needed to get out of the mess they are in, but still it could be possible to guide the club out of problems.

The thrill and temptation of a chance to be a manager in Premier League with a possible chance to guide a recent winner of the league, will be something to value when taking on a new job, but Leicester will struggle to get anyone in just on a temporary basis.

Adam Sadler and Mike Stowell looks certain to be in charge also for the Bournemouth game, and then you have only eight games left for the season. The outcome of the game on Saturday will give some interesting perspectives.

Ralf Hassenhuttl and Ange Postecoglou could be jumping at a chance to join if Leicester manage a win vs. Bournemouth, but again seeing defeat would probably see Leicester in a position far from being able to select from a table of many candidates willing to risk their future on eight games at King Power.

Both are interesting managers with a standing and knowledge to bring Leicester back on track, and it could easily be Ralf instead of Ange or the opposite, but they are not favorites to join, but we still believe they are the two best listed so far.

Martin O’Neill is today seen as a possible temporary candidate, and to see him join, would be a massive surprise, but we still believe he could do a good job and talk of him being outdated is far from the truth. He would probably consider bringing with him Roy Keane and maybe one or two former men with a past at Leicester.

Rafa was early linked with a move to the club and is free on the market, but with so few games left, he is also a man understanding that making a change in attitude and getting some type of momentum could be very difficult.

The situation is very unclear at the moment, with anything possible, but at this moment, to get someone in to change the heads of players, would be needed as fast as lightening.


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