Leicester defeat Liverpool to climb up but still in danger as they make massive move towards safety

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To see this women team moving up and out of danger is just fantastic. Players are on a better level and it will be interesting to see how they can build on this massive 4-0 vs. Liverpool.

Liverpool are 7th in the table, Leicester at 10th. Reading and Brighton are both behind Leicester in the table, but just two points down to that relegation spot. Reading are at this point bottom of the table.

Leicester took an early lead after just 15 minutes, Josie Green the goalscorer. Then the ball just rolled in the right direction for Leicester, Carrie Jones scoring next in the 21st minute. 2-0 up at half time.

.Ashley Plumptre scored the third from a great corner kick as her header went nicely into the net. She shows her presence with great timing and strength as Leicester goes 3-0 up. The fourth goal of the game was one from Missy Goodwin, coming in stoppage time as this massive win was finalised.

The game in play was even as Leicester had 51% possession, and from 7 attempts on goal making 4 goals, with Liverpool having 8, you do also see the importance having a great goalkeeper in Janina Leitzig. She could be a clear reason for a possible survival as Leicester looks forward to better days, hopefully staying up and preparing for next season at the highest level.

To see this team doing well in the latter stages of the season and a happy crowd at King Power Stadium is just giving everyone a fantastic feeling. Leicester had their best players in Leitzig and goalscorer Plumptre, both being pivotal in this massive 4-0 win.

Leicester will play Arsenal and Chelsea next. Both games away, then to finish of the season with a home fixture vs. West Ham and then a very important last game away to Brighton, one of the teams behind Leicester in the table.

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Leicester: Leitzig, Bott, Howard, Plumptre, Nevin, Green, Mace, Cain, Jones, Whelan, Siemsen, Subs: Pike, Goodwin, Robinson


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