Youri Tielemans in negative Aston Villa talk as he became the face of downfall resulting in Brendan Rodgers losing his job

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Youri Tielemans was signed by Leicester in the summer of 2019, after spending time on loan in the prior season, seeing the man bringing him in, Claude Puel, being sacked, but still became the answer for Brendan Rodgers, who build a massive foundation, giving Youri Tielemans a pivotal role.

Leicester managed 5th positions in Premier League in the next two seasons as well as winning the FA Cup trophy, but that was not enough for the promising Belgium international, being ready for the Arsenal’s, Real Madrid’s, Man Utd’s and Liverpool’s, all being linked with the brilliant and skilled midfielder.

Brendan Rodgers wished to build further on his squad and establish Leicester as a settled Champions League qualifier and contender, seeing his team playing in Europe for two consecutive seasons. Leicester had the same difficultis just days after winning Premier League, being ambushed by Chelsea and Arsenal to try to trigger players with lucrative deals. Riyad Mahrez, Jamie Vardy and N’Golo Kantè were the players in demand.

N’Golo Kantè left and Leicester could just wave goodbye to a new title race without their key man in place. Claudio Ranieri suffered, as relegation loomed, and was just months after bringing the trophy to the club, being sacked, we did see the same happening to Brendan Rodgers being left in the same trap.

James Maddison and Youri Tielemans were both offered massive deals to stay on at Leicester, but refused to sign the dotted line.

When a player and a club do decide to push each other on, then you have a totally different picture and in the end the club is the one that should have the last word, but since the Bosman ruling you do have a different pattern of life with agents and players running the show.

Brendan Rodgers wanted to build his team, going forward, on James Maddison and Youri Tielemans, but they did see themselves in other waters not really being satisfied, winning FA Cup’s, getting into to Europe, and push for top four.

In the past some moves away from Leicester turned out as positive, others have experienced the total opposite. Sadly for a fan of this football club you see them all, agent driven or not, you can end up at places you would believe was far from what expected as Youri Tielemans would probably not have considered a move to Aston Villa when he declined to sign a new deal at Leicester.


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