Leicester midfielder in top of unique and special list of best players in the World in a certain area of the game

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Harry Winks is second in the World on counting correct passes in games in all major leagues, only Napoli midfielder Stanislav Lobotka is in front. Winks have a correct percentage of 95,1, Lobotka counting 95,4.

We have seen Winks being so much better in this play than any other player at Leicester as his way of distribution makes Enzo Maresca’s team look as fantastic as they are at the moment.

They look unbeatable at Championship level and of course having Harry Winks in there, makes it vital for him to bring forward his passess with correctness and accurancy. According to website CIES he is in front of massive group of players, but of course playing at the level he is, it all could be different in a level above.

Anyway lovely to see that Leicester do have one of the best passers of the ball in their own team, that makes us all proud and of course interesting to see him against top flight opponents in the future.

He joined Leicester for a purpose and of course that worked both ways, and so far looks to be the ideal combo and hopefully it will continue as his appearance is of the greatest importance.

Lovely to see Harry Winks being at the level he is and recognized as one of the best accurate passes on the planet earth.


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