The Cunning Fox – 3rd generation, 19 years since the start

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We are going back to 1998 and we are in the birth of the internet. World wide in seconds, and so close to the source of great information on your favourite topic Leicester City FC.

Leicester was in front and had a good website early on, we all logged on to it and it was the days of the Steve Guppy’s, Muzzy Izzet’s and Matt Elliott’s.

Leicester was a top team also back then playing in the Premier League and Martin O’Neill was in charge and it was good days at Filbert Street.

With a bit of programming knowledge and a profession that made it possible to explore the possibilities to build an own website, just starting with a single page.

The site never really made any impact and had no domain and just hosted on one of those sites giving you space to make something on your own.

Leicester City had a supporters club in Norway and via the SBF website we found the names and e-mail address to those running the Leicester City Supporters Club Scandinavian Branch.

After a few phone calls it was made a decision to build a partnership and buy a domain, and The Cunning Fox had found his home at Norfox.Net.

We decided to write everything in English so that all other supporters of the club could see and understand, and of course get more followers and visitors.

The support for Leicester in Norway is not grand, and less in Sweden and Denmark. To build a site for around 250 people in their native language is not really worth that much, but they all understand English.

The Scandinavian languages, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian are simular but not at all the same, so also a difficult mix all in all.

We soon got recognized and both Leicester Mercury and the club were positive and made us welcome, so did other LCFC fansites such as the big one at the time For Fox Sake and another, Blue Fox.

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The big breakthrough came when the site was given a chance at News Now and got all the stories published over this fantastic network of websites.

We started the first generation in a graphical software, which made it possible to build great banners and real nice animations. This grabbed a bit of attention together with the stories and a passionate view from “over the sea”.

After a number of facelifts we decided to move to a new software, Microsoft Front Page and did so in 2003/04. After 15 years, a great number of changes and at the moment totally outdated we decided to make a new and heavy jump to Word Press.

The site migrate week by week and soon everything will be found under the Word Press platform, covering all screens and devices.

We are among the strong sources on Leicester City FC and our support goes back to the early 70’s.  Our views and comments are well balanced and we are learning.

So this is our new and hopefully last facelift for a while. We can now concentrate on delivering good stories on Leicester City and not worry about layout and compatibility.

We wish you all a great season and of course do as so many others, log on and find our views on the club, fans and everything else.

The new site will be found here, for the time being.

The old site is still up and running and in a week or two everything will be merged into one site and working from our domain,

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