A crucial transfer window coming up for Brendan Rodgers and Leicester City, no room for mistakes

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Nigel Pearson did few or no big transfer mistakes while in charge of Leicester City, the same can be said about Martin O’Neill, pinning most of his moves in the perfect way, while other managers have struggled a lot in their time in charge.

Since Leicester won the Premier League three seasons ago, mistake after mistake has been done, and out of almost 30 transfers very few have been what you would describe as a great success. A success is happening when a player is signed to the job he is supposed be filling and his fee is according to that.

So looking back you will of course find some good once in the last six windows, but a number of the moves are not seen as good and a lot of money has been splashed out and today seen as waste of money.

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The sales of N’Golo Kantè, Danny Drinkwater and Riyad Mahrez are of course covering those mistakes big time, by cashing in on the international stars. We believe that everyone will stay confident in Brendan Rodgers and no one in the first team will move.

Harry Maguire and Ben Chilwell are both players linked with bigger clubs, and sales must be done to fund a possible move for Youri Tielemans to be able to deal with the financial fair play rules and also getting the right balance in the squad.

Brendan Rodgers knows he have a good squad and a first eleven that don’t need to be shaken up, that is why money this time cannot be splashed out on reserves and players not really seen as first teamers.

Looking at the players linked you know that non of them are really “big money” moves in the way we see Youri Tielemans. With the recent rumour about Stephan El Sharawy, you understand that a free agent can be one to go for. The Roma utility player would be a perfect signing, and one that could slot in perfectly, he will also be in the right age and one who could be eager to try out Premier League football.

Leicester will not do many changes to their first team squad and keep a group of players that over a period of time now looks as a better and better unit with a bit of a generation change really done and more or less in place.

We would believe that when the squad of 25 is announced in front of next season, we might find four maybe five new names in there, and one of them hopefully being Youri Tielemans. Would be great to see Stephan El Sharawy also as one of them.

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