Manchester United and Hull City are the winners in the Harry Maguire transfer saga, Leicester City have missed out on a Premier League title chase!

To see your best players leave season after season is sad and gets worse every time it happens. You start to believe that your team are closely getting to “perfect” and you can see the pattern that you really think is close to “ideal”.

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Harry Maguire and Jonny Evans were really starting to jell and with the pre-season the N Ireland international has delivered this summer you started to dream. This was close to becoming the ideal partnership.

There could also have been a place for James Tarkowski or Nathan Ake, coming in to complete a competetive force of three central defenders and giving that Leicester City side a real push for a place in that title race.

The signings done higher up in the field are just fantastic and with Youri Tielemans and Ayoze Perez both giving this team a new dimension we just needed a flank midfielder to just make this squad of players perfect.

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The names linked this summer would have slotted in gently and been perfect. Seeing names such as Ismaila Sarr, Denis Praet and Nadiem Amiri among those, are just mouth watering.

With the doubts of Islam Slimani and the lack of air power, would also have liked to add a big tall forward with experience. The name Andy Carroll came to mind as he is a free agent and hopefully could have squeezed out a few more runs and headers.

This would have given Brendan Rodgers the tools needed to bring Leicester City forward, at the moment the blow of losing Harry Maguire is massive and could be seen as a troubled setback with a difficult situation to handle, despite a good game from Soyuncu against Atalanta, and in lack of other alternatives, TCF feel that the Turkey international is the one to give a run.

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A “supposed” amount of £200million was said to be what Brendan Rodgers could be using this summer, but so far he has used 0, if you bring that amount of £85million for the Harry Maguire sale into it, and it’s heavily dissappoiniting again seeing this club trying to tell fans they are going forward when it is really not and you just have to hope that Brendan Rodgers will be able to get everything correct, which would have been easier with Tarkowski, Sarr and Carroll also to his disposal.

Now he has a group of players that he really don’t see as players for his future team and so far this summer everyone is still around. Ghezzal, Diabate, King, James, Amartey, Elder, Slimani, Iheanacho, Silva, Mendy and Kapustka are all still at the club, but can’t see any of them getting much time on the field this season.

We feel that the club in the future needs to address their talk regarding the football club correctly and not tell “jokes”. To also “reduce” the manager to a coach, because that is what has happened now. The Harry Maguire move has been lifted far above the head of Brendan Rodgers who would in his right mind never have said, “sell him, I don’t need him”, and would have loved to keep the defender.

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Soft handling of a player that has a wish of one day playing for “Man Utd” is not the way to go forward. Of course if the club needs the business, then it’s another matter, but if you should grant everyone a wish to join their favorite club if those comes knocking, then the training field at Leicester City would be empty.

As a Leicester City fan you always look forward and we hope and believe that Brendan Rodgers will be able to bring as much power to this team as possible. Cannot really understand why Harry Maguire left Leicester City (a title contender with him in the team), and joined a club that for many reasons are in a total change and could see them selves below Leicester City in the table.

Based on the fact that Manchester United only picked up five points from the last seven games in the Premier League last season, and losing 2-0 at home to a relegated Cardiff City and with no other real change in the team than Harry Maguire, tells a story that few would love. A good pre-season can be seen as a step in the right direction and with their new man in defense it could be the perfect signing for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, despite signing a player that never have been higher than 9th in the Premier League during his four seasons up in the top tier, also part of a relegation in one of them.

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Hull City must be happy with this move and Manchester United are probably safe and in a top four chase with this defender in their squad, Leicester City fans are not easy to understand since most of them are a bit lost in their valuation of “success” not really knowing “where they would like this club to be” and with a “happy go lucky” attitude, not liking the team to lose and just hope for the best.

We all hope that the season will enjoyable, and to win as many games as possible, not flirting with relegation, entertain at home, not bothered much about what happens away and then we will add it all up in May. We really like Brendan Rodgers, a manager with the right attitude and would be a shame if “fans” also turned against him as certain parts of the fanbase did against especially Claudio Ranieri and Claude Puel.


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