Leicester City with unique advantage over Liverpool in the chase for Premier League glory

To see Leicester City again as the main chaser in the race for the Premier League title is a bit of a surprise and as pundits just are ignoring foxes again, they could again be left with their tail between their legs. Gary Lineker has said he will shave his head if Leicester City again wins the title.

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So why will Liverpool shiver in their pants as Leicester City are chasing them with everything they got. Jurgen Klopp might have won the Champions League with Liverpool but Brendan Rodgers knows how to balance a team who are chasing titles, as he showed during his days at Celtic.

Jurgen Klopp have never won a PL trophy, not Brendan Rodgers either, but the squad at Leicester City certainly knows it well, and with Jonny Evans and Kelechi Iheanacho also in there you have a solid group of Leicester City players with that special experience of winning it.

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Brendan Rodgers has nothing to lose and Jurgen Klopp have everything in the opposite direction. The fact that Liverpool also are fighting on more arenas and are involved in Champions League action makes their squad more vulnerable.

Brendan has during his days at Celtic been in charge of a club that demands titles, and he knows how to handle those situations and be prepared to deliver wins week in and week out as he has done at Leicester lately, seeing 7 wins in a row as they take on Aston Villa tomorrow at Villa Park.

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Brendan Rodgers ended runners-up as Liverpool manager, and to win the PL trophy and snub The Reds would probably taste good. But as we all know Liverpool are huge favorites and no one consider Leicester City creating a new miracle.

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