Leicester City, an epic transfer in a perfect summer, watching on from Old John!

It’s all up there at Old John, and from that view you get the perspectives, looking forward, looking back, thinking that one day, one single day, everything will be as perfect as you have ever seen them play.

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Oh yes you have seen them play, and hopefully they will go on and do it again. Frank Worthington’s ability to just fix everything on his own, mixed with a thought of Jamie Vardy scoring on repeat as the net explodes in front of 32 261. Dreaming of that epic transfer in a perfect summer, looking back you have those in your head, that special perfect move that will turn every fortune and make it ideal to be a fox.

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They have all done great moves, those previous managers, but that doesn’t matter now, it’s only one way in football, looking forward, and if not, you will be the next man out, so if you are walking up to Old John to find peace and happiness, your only hope is to look forward, the next step is the most important.

Talking of the past is nice, but it can only help to get forward and move on, as you are preparing for a new season, and you start to wonder again about those very interesting happenings coming up. What places in Europe will we be visiting as Leicester City are going abroad again next season.

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Thinking of The Beautiful South and “Rotterdam (Or Anywhere)”, as it could be new travels to places we have never seen Leicester City play before. Will certainly see them playing in Liverpool, maybe Rome, but not if you are going “blond”.

We all have good memories of those perfect eleven’s, in that perfect system, setting up all those great chances and defending as lions, and we all hope that the manager will fix those great wins next season and never see Leicester City defeated.

Sipping to my coffee, looking at the sky and watching the sun, everything from Old John, as my dog barks “hello”, please see me, I am stilling waiting for my snack, it’s time for goodbyes and we are to be walking on.

This is not just another summer, Cry, Cry, Cry, so different and a bit difficult, as we are more uncertain than before. We don’t have an answer, but hopefully it will be back to normal, if we do see normal again, uncertain about it all.

Old John, the highest hill in Bradgate Park, Leicestershire, England on the southern edge of Charnwood Forest, is a place for a good view and some special thoughts, even if you are far away and only can watch it from a distance, or just give it a special place in your mind.


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