New attacking option for Leicester City, imminent announcement!

Just one game left of the season, but also the start of the Euro’s and as we see that happening, it will probably be a number of hectic days to get moves settled and Leicester City are said to be close to landing two players. One is earlier reported as a done deal. We believe that the outfall of the league season will also settle a number of other questions, as that could release even more new signings.

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If Leicester City should get into the Champions League they will certainly need at least one maybe two more signings to just be able to add up the numbers and have enough quality to get the players needed to do well in that competition.

Odsonne Edouard is said to be close to a £18million move from Celtic, with him just having one more season left on his current deal and to get a move settled to Premier League would probably not be turned down. Arsenal is said to be in the chase, but with Brendan Rodgers at Leicester City that battle looks won.

So what can Odsonne Edouard bring to Leicester City and how will he fit into a system that starting to look like liquid and players floating in and out of positions and changes are made during the game as players just change from defenders to attackers, so how will he fit in.

Edouard’s goalscoring record is fantastic, and hopefully he will continue to produce even at a higher level, and hopefully for Leicester City. Not yet a French full international, but his tally of 17 goals in 13 games at U.21 level stands for itself.

Getting him in at Leicester City will of course also raise a few questions about the current alternativies Jamie Vardy and Kelechi Iheanacho who has a bit of a swop in their goalscoring this season, but anyway it’s been a nice switch.

Will it be possible to use all three or could we see Jamie Vardy in a different role, he is very adaptable, but certainly buing Odsonne should be to use him on the field in every match, not again buying alternatives and subs.

Leicester City have in former transfer windows been linked to the Celtic man, and this time we believe that the move will be on. For more information on the players linked, always check out our up to date hot, cool, cold list.

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