Will Leicester City pull of the biggest transfer coupe in their history, involving Barcelona as previous Liverpool star looks hot!

Looking back at previous years, Leicester City have been a club that can pull of major moves and bring in players that surely would be attracted by other soccer destinations. We have often heard that players rather goes to clubs in London than moving to the East Midlands, but at the moment it looks as the best way to bring your career forward.

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The club have over the past five years really made players evolve and also being willing to sell at the right price, and with a possible big move out also this season, players see that getting to the very highest level this could be a stepping stone to the top shelf.

But the move that looks a bit unlikely can fast become the coupe of the season and really make the clock thick as Philippe Coutinho would surely be a fantastic replacement for James Maddison if he moves out, and that will be a certain choice, as the two are capable of doing the same business.

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The Brazilian looks certain to leave Barcelona after also being loaned out to Bayern Munich during his days at Camp Nou. The relation to Brendan Rodgers and their previous life at Anfield and Liverpool together is a link that has been said to be important.

Exciting days as the 29 year old would surely bring a lot of attention to Leicester City if they are able to get the signature of the player who has a habit of scoring goals from an attacking midfield position.

If Brendan Rodgers is lucky in this chase he could pull off the move that will finally fix a top four spot of his team and at the same time probably being among the favorites to win the Europa League.

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Philippe Coutinho has also scored 18 goals in 63 internationals for Brazil and during his career picked up a number of winning medals, including Coppa Italia, Supercoppa Italiano, La Liga, Bundesliga and Copa America.

At the moment Leicester City are likely to be the front runners, and with a possible exit door opened for James Maddison, that is a clear indication of an opening for the Brazilian. To see Coutinho in the hot section of our rumours update is just fantastic.

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