Shocking comments from former fox, Arsenal this and that, it’s enough, punditry not just talk about your favorite club

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Martin Keown who we all know had a short stay at Leicester after leaving Arsenal as a recent Premier League winner in 2004, and left Leicester after playing just 17 league games, joining Reading. We all know that he is not a Leicester fan and that his heart belongs to Arsenal.

This heart of Keown is bleeding right now, and to see his team, his wonderful Arsenal not being able to compete after Arsene Wenger left the club, a genius of a manager that fans wanted out, those in the Wenger out camp are people who must have done the Poznan too many times at The Emirates.

Arsenal are in decline and their squad balance is totally out of order. They do have talent and they can get it correctly, but will it be necessary for Martin Keown to go on about Leicester players, being a former one himself, please have some respect and drop hints about the Maddison’s, the Tielemans’s and the Ndidi’s, because as a former fox that is not your table, please just forget it.

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This summer has been disrupted by a lot of rumours about James Maddison and as we all know, Arsenal cannot afford to buy the England international, how could they splash out those amounts of cash needed to get the other two mentioned by Martin Keown. He might dream about it, but then please don’t put it out in open air.

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Why would these two players, mentioned by Keown, risk their career and move to Arsenal. The club has a massive fanbase, but they are looking very frustrated and in part of a post Wenger syndrom. What Arsenal need of course is an ownership that knows how this is going to be put in place, it all starts there. Why should Leicester players join, with Leicester owners doing their best to push the club forward from being at a League One level twelve years ago.

The situation is difficult at Arsenal. Players being at more secure football clubs with a fundament and owners that has shown what they are capable of, will win long term, not those having fans being at war with them.

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Owners at Leicester are not either afraid to take action when needed and since that Premier League win in 2015/16 they have been brutal at times, even sacking Claudio Ranieri.

No one can rest on their laurels at Leicester, it’s all about progress, and if results are not as goals are set, then you will see the exit door fast, but all in all everyone is doing progress as we speak.

The rooms of pundits are hit with Arsenal this and Arsenal that. Ian Wright, Paul Merson and Martin Keown are in the thick of it, week in and week out, talking about their favorite football club all the time, and why are they so occupied with this as a public pundit on all football, it’s not only about Arsenal.

Media today is an open platform, and as fast as these former players opens their mouth and reach millions of people, maybe billions, you have the news full of talk about players from other clubs that should or need to be signed by Arsenal. Please stop it, it doesn’t belong in the public eye, Arsenal should not be their favorite topic on air.

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Of course it’s great to see Leicester players in demand, but to see Arsenal friendly pundits just going on about them all joining their club becomes a bit frustrating. The channels hiring them should just put the foot down as it does not have anything to do with punditry. You would probably never see Gary Lineker or Alan Smith recomending players to leave Leicester or any other club they heavily support, they are not doing it, but they could as they have been at Spurs (Lineker) and Arsenal (Smith) but politly enough to keep away from that topic.

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