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Roma are through to the semi-finals of the Europa Conference League and their next hurdle will be one that could be too difficult to handle.

Jose Mourinho will face a tough challenge vs. Leicester and hopefully Brendan Rodgers will be seeing his group of players making progress and manage to get to the final in Tirana, Albania.

Bodo Glimt came to Roma with a lead in the bag but they could not handle a Roma side that was on fire and scored four fantastic goals as the Norwegian minor could not cope this time, coming home from a previous clash with a draw and also collecting two wins this season against Roma.

Leicester will face a new difficult opponent as they did against Rennes and PSV, both clubs that are capable of reaching a final of such a tournament, Roma is in the same category and even a bit tougher to battle, but hopefully the grit and experience gained over the last two years in Europe will see Leicester through.

Jose Mourinho is a clever manager in Europe and also a man that never bothers much about how pretty a football game looks as he is just after the result and he knows what he is up against. He will be no fool and will field his side as he believe will the best to approach another manager that can be unpredictable.

Roma did come out against Bodo Glimt in a special formation. Three in the back, six in midfield and one up front with a lot of movement giving players freedom to use space as it appeared and against Bodo Glimt who are pressing high up as Leicester does, you get those areas of space both to run in and fill with great passes.

Zaniolo played wide to the right and scored three fantastic goals, Abraham was positioned on the other side, scoring the opener, Pellegrini was a bit of a false number 9, with shirt number 7. Mourinho had seen the weakest link of the Bodo team and attacked them in that way, coming in from the flanks and of course counter attacking was a key field of last nights win.

What Brendan Rodgers will do is probably not easy to say but a fit squad with all players available makes it possible to have a wish and some good hope, but again a very difficult tie.

Claudio Ranieri has been quoted saying he would favour Roma to win and not Leicester, as we all know his past with this club, being in charge of Roma on twice, first from 2009 to 2011 and then in a caretaker position in 2019.

His time at Leicester became bitter sweet and the fairystory at Leicester ended faster than anyone could imagine as the team almost collapsed and changes done never worked as they should. In real you have seen the same happen to Jose Mourinho, Antonio Contè, Emmanuel Pellegrini, Roberto Mancini and Arsene Wenger so Claudio is in a club of exclusive people. His returns to English football with Fulham and Watford are both scary looks as it looked as the impossible act, but with what he achieved at Leicester everyone believe this man can walk on water.

We all know that Sven Goran Eriksson also will be looking at this tie as a special one with a life in both camps as well. Being in charge of Leicester from 2010 to 2011 and at Roma from 1984 to 1987. “Svennis” might also favor Roma as his time with them had a longer last than with Leicester.

Cengiz Under is a player that has the most current record at both parties, playing for Leicester on loan from Roma last season. He has since left on a new loan adventure this time with Marseille in France. The 24 year old looks to have had a better loan spell in France than at Leicester, playing 26 ligue 1 games and so far scored 9, last season he managed 9 games at Leicester not scoring in PL action, but still had a number of good games in Europe and did ok in the cups.

The ownerships of European football clubs are an interesting topic to look at as you have all types. Leicester being Thai, Roma being owned by Texas based Dan Friedkin an origin Toyota car dealer and today a billionaire and heir of a massive American business empire and at this very moment owners of AS Roma since taking over the club in 2020, then also being owned by Americans since 2011.

Leicester will start at home, something we believe is an advantage as you get a chance with fans behind you at home, and that is always great. The chance to get the best start possible will never be wrong. Leicester will play Roma at home on the 28th of April, with the return being played on the 5th of May.


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