Sky Sports report dismissed as Spurs confirm Bissouma and Arsenal transfer tactics revealed Tielemans move comes close

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Spurs has confirmed the signing of Yves Bissouma. This will most certainly stop a race with Arsenal for the signature of Youri Tielemans. This makes Arsenal the only real contender for Tielemans as this deal certainly becomes more and more likely.

Our most trusted source in European transfer talk is Fabrizio Romano. He does have his best intentions and his judgement is based on depth knowledge and good tracking.

Why Sky Sports goes head to head with a bit of a cryptic message about a possible deal coming to the table from Leicester is now dismissed by most parties being close to this happening.

Early today French site Homme Du Match comes out with a report about the matter that looks to be on the corret pedal and hopefully as a Leicester fan this saga will end as we did believe just a few hours back with a move for Youri Tielemans to be happening.

Sky Sports last summer also shot blank regarding the move of Aaron Ramsdale. Their reporter Dharmesh Sheth had his doubts about such a move happening. The England goalkeeper has later explained how Arsenal head of transfers Edu worked the move through. The Ramsdale transfer was not a smooth affair and this could also be the reason for sudden switch talk, from Sky Sports, regarding Youri Tielemans.

From a Leicester point of view it would be strange politics to go back and try to bring in new contract talks with Tielemans and his party. Brendan Rodgers has had his say and reported on the matter and with that in mind to see anything else than a move out of the club this summer would be a turn in a direction far from prediction.


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