Speculations growing Arsenal are looking for more gunpowder as Newcastle are key in a certain move happening

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On both sides fans of Leicester and Arsenal did believe this move would have been finalized in the early hours of the transfer window opening, but still at the 22nd of July we have no confirmation of anything.

Reports did suggest that Arsenal needed to find space for Tielemans and making moves as departures were thought taking place, but to have more than eight different options for three midfield positons looks too much.

Granit Xhaka has been seen as a possible exit from The Emirates, but still he is at Arsenal with moves to AS Roma or Newcastle said to be possible. The Youri Tielemans saga is also dragging out, but still the two are not similar players and in a way does a different job in the team.

To get the ideal set up at Arsenal with Youri Tielemans among their men, they do need to play him is a certain way to get his best qualities out in the open. This season at Leicester he has not been able to push as much forward as he would have liked and his game has not been at the same level as in previous seasons.

Nicolas Pepe is a player that has been linked with various players as well and also seen in the rumours regarding Newcastle and Leicester. A possible player plus cash might have been an idea, but at this point Pepe might jump for a club in Europe and not moving out of Arsenal without a proper challenge to bring on. Newcastle and Leicester are probably not at the level Pepe would consider at this point.

According to well informed sources at Arsenal money must be freed to get a certain Youri Tielemans move completed and at this point it looks very difficult with other players not really making a space or driving cash into that Gunners till.


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