Brendan Rodgers talks about his philosophy and ambition in football and why we believe he is the ideal man for Leicester

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Brendan Rodgers makes a great insight in his steps in football and listening to him should cool down anyone believing he is not the best man for the job at Leicester.

He was the best alternative when he came in, he showed during pre-season that he still is, and the first hour of the game vs. Brentford showes us why he should be trusted all the way.

Football management at this level is a type of trade that few can handle and you see a few surviving at the very top, but most find it difficult and moves on. The stress level and the amount of people you are in the mix with gives you little or no time to doubt yourself.

His philosophy, ground base and vision of the game is a bit of a romance. He is influenced by Diego Maradona as his idol as a young man, but looking at his base as a coach and work in management, the Dutch model, Johan Cruyff, Ajax and Barcelona is what he makes his thoughts around.

He also have a history path in football at the top level as a schoolboy that gave him that hunger to get back in. Playing Brazil for N Ireland as a 15 year old might have been his highlight as a young player, and that feeling might be the reason why you fall in love with the game and get that hunger.

He is in real a man living football 24/7. As a previous player and coach with a UEFA B-license badge and number of years in football yourself you have been in and around this environment. You have different types, but still in the bottom they are football skilled and think in those terms.

Listening to his talk at The Coaches Voice, he gives an honest view on his run in football coaching and management. Everyone comes from somewhere and his ambition and growth is phenomenal as he has taken all levels one by one and build on that. His football knowledge and how he talk makes you believe in him as a person, but still we do not have the ambition plan of his with a past at Anfield and Celtic Park he might look at Leicester as a minor, but still this club have taken steps in the last 10 years that makes it a climb few would have believe was possible.

Watching Leicester week in and week out for the last 50 years, you are always looking for a win every week, and listening to Brendan Rodgers talking you would love him to go on for ages at Leicester. Mostly the football manager is a target and the man to blame if results are not going the way you believe they should, you often see them not being there as one of the flowers in the bed, but an outsider.

We did see Claudio Ranieri losing his job at Leicester and Marcelo Bielsa being sacked by Leeds. Iconic as they both are they were never really trusted when they both flirted with relegation. Manchester United do struggle with the same and as they brought Sir Alex Ferguson in to the bed of flowers and made him untouchable you are going places, but having a man in charge being hit constantly with results being not good enough you will start to stress him and changes done will affect the long term situation.

Football at this level is what it is and the risk of relegation is a fear that makes your job being under treath almost constantly, but hopefully Leicester will avoid those situations and hopefully not lead to a new management recruitment job. When the club is uncertain about a managers ambition and the manager at a certain point can see him self under pressure regarding the position in the table you will never get that magic progression as the energy between executives are not really in place.

Brendan Rodgers in my view is the best manager for Leicester long term and hopefully he will grow into a flower of that bed even if Leicester struggles at times, coming through those periods together makes the energy level higher inside and outside and of course you will get different rifts and get through it.

As a manager you will get surprises as players and their agents will grow their own business as money should be flushed through their systems and you have so many different issues to take in. Brendan Rodgers is on top of his game as a manager and his ground philosophy makes TCF calm that the club have the best man they could have in this position.


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