The strange and meaningless talk about different topics regarding Qatar World Cup as James Maddison is given his ticket

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James Maddison made it to the World Cup as most pundits, newspapers and tv stations in the UK, and also massive amounts of fans all claimed he should be on the plane to Qatar. Gareth Southgate made his decision and gave Maddison his ticket.

On the other front, most of the same people that made their demand of the inclusion of Maddison, also makes a protest against the same tournament as no one asks the one cap wonder to protest against anything.

The settled England players, especially captain Harry Kane, is more or less made a spokesman for the protest, but Maddison would look odd if he was to protest, that would have looked strange, wouldn’t it, just making it to the World Cup and then turn it down or going out to make his official statement on it. This is very strange talk, demanding something for someone who you in real believe is bad for football, but still want certain players to be part of it.

This is the classical example of double standards as you in one voice talks about a boycott, and applauds all of the people that will not watch this, and on the other hand demand certain players to be part of it.

As a Leicester fan, of course delighted to see James Maddison in the England squad, and will look forward to seeing him on the field and in no way boycott this tournament. Why turn off the telly when Maddison might be playing?

This is very strange and odd journalism, because why was it important to see James Maddison being part of a squad going to Qatar, when the majority of fans, journalists and everyone else are against this tournament. Why bother about players and how things will end, would it not have been better for Maddison to be staying at home?

No single player or manager have decided against competing in the Qatar World Cup, and then we have to enjoy the football, hopefully see Maddison on the field, and just get one with it.


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