Could Leicester welcome this new points system in football as it would make the game less predictable and give winners a better deal

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Yesterday we witnessed something of a nightmare as Leicester had to see five goals conceded and at the same time we did not get anything out of three goals scored. And in all the game was a lost case.

Soccervoice is a website of many topics of football and lately had an article about how conservative this game is and why the current points system is a devil regarding the situation with manager sackings and inpatient owners who gets desperate after just a few defeats seen.

The suggestion was simple, to give clubs going for victories and goals more points. Rewarding teams in two halfs as well as the full game. This would see the game open up. Going for a win would be easier and would have seen more attacking football and probably other type of players would shine. This would have been a change to the better and of course more patient owners who could change their season fast without sacking their manager.

It would also give fans more hope and also more fun during a game. The suggestion was the following. 3 points for winning 1st half, 3 points for winning 2nd half and 6 points for winning after 90 minutes, that would see a possibility of 12 points to collect in one single game. A draw after first half would give you 1 point, a draw in the 2nd half would give you 1 point and a draw in the end 2 points, with a total of 4 points possible for draws during a game.

Yesterday Leicester would have picked up 3 points from the game, Fulham would have been given 9, but still you were given points and a win in both would give you the maximum.

We do need to see a change in the game going forward, applauding a victory instead of just having negatives from such a game as we did see against Fulham, actually looking at it in parcels as more points would be possible to collect.

This would be a special table to look at, but it could give teams ready to attack and going for everything a much better result and a possible 12 points in one game that could change your day fast.

Probably a bit too bold, but in a way interesting to look at, as the game needs to progress and become more unpredictable.

We do see other sports introducing different points to make it more fun and hopefully giving their game other levels of participation and interactions as we do see in Cricket and Rugby.


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