Liverpool move a dream as Leicester life is seen as stepping stone

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The next game up are Liverpool. Often a move to this club is seen as a dream come through. To join the famous club of Merseyside could be seen as the ultimate goal for a player and manager.

For three former Leicester players it had some impact on their careers, being the most important player at Leicester could see them as a selling object as well as a dream chaser.

Emile Heskey, Kevin MacDonald and Gary McAllister all had a life in both camps, with Ivanhoe being the grand sale of £11million, but still his time at Anfield never really lifted his game, leaving for a life at Birmingham, Wigan and Aston Villa.

Kevin MacDonald had also a troubled time at Liverpool, mostly being injured, but still appeared regularly in that 1985/86 double win season.

Gary McAllister joined Liverpool late in his career, and one playing alongside Emile Heskey in his days at Anfield, both being on the field at Filbert Street in that massive Leicester 2-0 win, March 2001, seeing a climb to 4th in Premier League, and giving a nice picture of the reality in football.

Leicester will go to Anfield with great confidence tomorrow, also having in mind that, on a few rare occasions, it’s been possible to win, Phil Gilchrist and Pat Byrne, are two players scoring for Leicester at Anfield on winning days.

Let’s hope for an exciting evening with a result to be proud of tomorrow.


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