Leicester City transfer talk involving Liverpool, Man Utd, Arsenal and Barcelona

Just a few weeks after the January transfer window close you start to get new rumours flying in the papers, and as always TCF is following every single detail. With the recent 2018/19 financial statement officially in the open, you can of course read what you like out of those figures, but as we have seen in the past, Leicester City will try to bring the team and the club forward with one big money sale.

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This is normal and happens to all clubs in football, even the Liverpool’s, Man Utd’s and Man City’s as players tends to like a move now and then to exhale in football. Real Madrid and Barcelona will always be chasing the best.

Liverpool, Arsenal and Barcelona are together with a lot of other clubs talked about around Leicester City, you would see clubs such as Chelsea and Tottenham also in the same columns and that shows that “Foxes” are all around and demands are high.

A list of players currently on the radar of Leicester City, is fresh updated, don’t miss those names. And of course we are not alone in those chases. This is really the big question, will they be available and will the price be what is the correct value.

Adam Lallana has in the past been seen as a possible target for Leicester City, but if the Liverpool midfielder will be the right recruit this summer is a bit difficult to say. Lallana (31) is a very experienced player with a past that would fit perfectly, but his injury record is a bit of a worry.

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Barcelona is very likely to make a bid for Ricardo Pereira, who might be the clearest candidate as “player of the season”. His form and presence is always there and he was a key player again yesterday, scoring the winner with a vital header, and as a right back, strangely finishing an attack as the player in front of goal.

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Ben Chilwell and James Maddison are two other names often seen in the rumour mill headlines. Chilwell constantly linked with either Tottenham or Chelsea, but also Man City on that list. James Maddison in the frame at either Liverpool or Man Utd. Caglar Soyuncu was snapped up by Leicester City in front of the eyes of Man City and Arsenal two seasons ago, and now they are both eager to get back in the bidding hall for the Turkish defender.

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Wilfred Ndidi, despite injury problems at the moment, is a hot name in the mill at the moment, with Liverpool seen as a possible destination, Arsenal is also said to be looking out for him.

If you like to find out who is the hottest on the hill, coming in or out of Leicester City, don’t hesitate to read this information. Always good to measure the talk going on until something will happen.

We will update our list of rumours, don’t miss out.



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