Why PL should freeze colours of kits so that Leicester and other clubs can build even stronger brands

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Over the years you have seen football clubs changing colours on their away and third kits looking as carneval outfits and in real not able to understand what building a brand has to do with those type of priorities. To build a strong brand you need to be in line with colours as they are massive symbols of identification.

Leicester and other clubs needs to build their brands stronger as they decide on colours and crests that really shine and have massive effect when recognized.

The home shirt of Leicester City change from time to time between a blue top, white or blue shorts and white or blue stockings with yellow or gold trimming. The change colour is often white, but this season mint blue. The third kit has been in massive change season after season and who knows what colour Leicester will turn out in when designing their next third kit.

We also see no colour codes regarding keeper outifts which should be more strict leaving certain colours out when designing a goalkeeper kit and possibly only allow green, yellow and grey as they tend to be most used as goalkeeper kit colours.

Would love to see restrictions on colours coming so that football clubs can build even stronger identifiers as we go forward allowing three different colours in a mix and one classical shirt to have as a third alternative.

To have different designs and changes or certain facelifts from year to year should be allowed as sponsors come and go and probably would like to see their shirt in a bit of unique design to keep that identification in line with their trademark.

For me Leicester are blue shirts, white shorts and blue stockings, the change would be the total opposite with white shirts, blue shorts and white stockings. As a third alternative would like to see Leicester in that classical black with the blue ribbon, black shorts and black stockings.

This would be for me the ideal brand building of a club that need even stronger relations to fans and building the club further. To mess around with grey, pink and mint blue has nothing to do with Leicester and of course having a classical green jersey on goalkeepers with a grey alternative would be ideal going forward.


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