Leicester on their lowest when out of favor midfielder wins AFCON with Senegal a massive signal of error

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Leicester and Brendan Rodgers crashed at City Ground today being defeated 1-4 against 2nd tier Nottingham Forest. The Leicester team had three players in there who all played in AFCON but all of them knocked out, with Papy Mendy winning the tournament, not being allowed by his football club to play first team football for half a season.

You must be a very special person when you decide to not have space in your squad for a player that last season contributed to the team ending 5th in Premier League.

Not many players are crowned champions of their continent and to also be doing it without playing regular first team football and being trusted by your national coach to do a job as Papy Mendy has done for Senegal is just phenomenal.

The fact that Brendan Rodgers has decided to inlcude Papy Mendy for the rest of the season is of course a good message for all fans and shows that the man in charge are willing to fix his own mistakes and move on as he surely must understand the problem he has given the player and how he could have risked the career of such a wonderfull person and footballer.

To not have routines inside a football club and no quality system check that will allow the manager to leave out players in this way makes it difficult to understand what type of HR systems that are in place in football and how they operate regarding their employees.

Leicester and Brendan Rodgers had an awfull experience today and to see the player he left out of his squad making such a grand performance and winning AFCON must be something he hopefully reflects on as he could have ruined Mendy’s career but hopefully it will be sorted out in the best way possible.

Papy Mendy has himself commented on the matter and said it was difficult to accept such wrongdoing. When his loan move to Galatasaray fell through Brendan Rodgers had filled his squad to the very limit and had no place to slot in one of his contracted first team players.

Fantastic to see Papy Mendy winning the AFCON, and the way he contributed to the team and also played a major part at Leicester last season makes it difficult to understand what type of plan Brendan Rodgers had for his midfielder going forward.

The problem is not to leave a player out of the team, but the fact that Brendan Rodgers just a year ago offered Mendy a new deal lasting until 2023 makes this strange and not acceptable.

We all know that Adrien Silva experienced much of the same as he also had to sit out half a season before being able to play. Silva’s time with Leicester became a nightmare and it ruined his international career, strangely enough this has been the total opposite for Papy Mendy, but hopefully not being allowed to play top first team football matches will be the normal to get international appearances and win big tournaments.


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