Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall set to sensational win as votes are coming in among Scandinavian fans of Leicester City

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Leicester City fans of Scandinavia are at the moment doing votes to decide who they like to be their player of the season and hopefully this year, after the pandemic, it will be possible to hand over our special trophy last won by Ben Chilwell in 2019.

The two other candidates this time are Kasper Schmeichel and James Maddison, but they look to lose out in this race, as the young home grown midfielder is dominant among the Scandinavian fans.

Still a bit left before the voting is over, but as it looks like at this minute KDH will win a trophy that has been won earlier by both Kasper Schmeichel and Jamie Vardy among the group still left at the club. Muzzy Izzet, Matt Elliott and Tony Cottee as well as Paul Dickov are other winners.

This is a viking ship and looks popular among players as we did see Kasey Keller and Robbie Savage also among previous winners showing off their trophies something that triggers fans of this special group of foxes fans living far from the action and over the sea.

The supporters of Scandinavia gathers from time to time and had hoped for a clash with Bodo Glimt as many of us could go back to Aspmyra and watch Leicester again as we did in 2005 when Leicester had their pre-season campaign in the far north of Norway.

Today the supporters of Scandinavia organized in the club and payed members at this point counts 131 with hope of 150 to come along as the year comes to an end. Totally we believe about 250 Leicester fans all in all are living in the area of Scandinavia, not all of them connected to the supporters club.

LCSCSB was formed in 1994 and has been running since, and part of the SBF, an umbrella for supporter clubs of British teams in Norway. A few photos of previous events are also in our archives.

A number of Scandinavian fans has been over for games allready this season with a grand group flying in for Aston Villa at home. The pandemic situation stopped any trophies being handed over for the last two seasons and hopes are that something can be arragned either at the end of this season or the start of the next, fingers crossed.

Exciting hours to wait as we do again have a winner of our special event taking place on the closed forum for Scandinavian foxes fans.


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