Leicester midfielder linked with Liverpool as they spot certain qualities but still a shocker looking at his stats

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Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall is one linked to Liverpool, to see this is a bit of a shocker, so highly rated among the Anfield faithfull, as they are seeing KDH as a top home grown talent, compated to Jude Bellngham or being a player who can play to that type of standards.

He is a hard working man, but so far Leicester have struggled with him in the team. He is all over the place and his eager to fight for Leicester is fantastic, but after his introduction and league debut vs. Norwich back in August 2021, he has just scored 3 goals and made 4 assists.

Last season Leicester ended 8th, Dewsbury-Hall played 28 league games. In this season he has been on the field 28 out of 31 league games and Leicester are 19th, as his contribution is questioned.

To see him as a player being valued as a possible Liverpool addition makes you wonder what they believe he would bring to the Liverpool team, as his stats often shows sloppy passing and a lot of work not really ending up in a finished product.

Leicester fans are in doubts, but still the performance he put on at Anfield earlier in the season might give that impression, scoring a nice goal and giving Leicester the lead. So far he has not been able to help Leicester out of the relegation places.

We certainly hope that he will progress and build on his game, as some of his best assets are of course the work ethic and being a nuisance for opponents. But his total play and performances seldom results in Leicester winning football games and that is a fact.

To say that Harvey Barnes, Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall and James Maddison belongs in a better team that Leicester looks a bit silly as those three players should and must step up a lot to get the club into safety after a very difficult season with so many injuries and doubts that you can stop counting.


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