Loved him then a bit of anger but still have high hopes for his future

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Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall is what Leicester is all about. Getting young players through from their own talent factory.

A player from the close neighbourhood, and one we would love to see progress to the biggest stage.

Had high hopes for KDH as he played in the development team from a young age. He took that level fast and became a player to trust, but still had to wait patiently for his first team break, as other alternatives were chosen.

He got his first taste of first team football at Leicester in cup competitions, but still not really tested much early on. He moved on loan to Blackpool, showing his skills and talent, proving he had everything needed at this level.

Later having a great loan spell at Luton and early in the 21/22 season getting his league debut vs. Norwich.

Brendan Rodgers did a bold move, when he decided to give the midfielder a regular starting position, as KDH had a rough ride, using his instinct more than clever knowledge in his approach to adapt to Premier League life.

His top level is known and more than good enough to play at PL level, but he needs to learn his position better, and weigh his moves with more quality to become a player that Enzo Maresca can trust among his top men, getting his lowest level to a higher standard, then he will be one to count for a pivotal role in the long term future.

TCF would love this to happen as KDH is one of those players showing his eagerness and passion as a local and also fan of this football club.


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