Hot, Cool, Cold, how TCF rates the current transfer rumours, the pandemic and are they all in the freezer?

To follow all the gossip is of course what we can do at the moment, and with the pandemic still very much alive you start to wonder how desperate football people are ready to jeopardize the health of footballers and also trying to avoid a total meltdown of professional football.

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Players will be those going to the front and of course risk their health by playing, so will they go out there and play, maybe, maybe not. But as games are postponed and probably will be for a long while, players might be eager to see their future in safe hands.

As TCF has said before, rumours start to spread almost like a virus and you never know when it hits you. But at the moment all those rumours are as we hope the virus will be in a short while, totally dead and in the freezer.

Rumours at the moment are as dull as it can be. TCF are of course following a few accounts and Sean from Enderby is one we like. He often gets the numbers correctly and if he is a lucky chap or one of the best guessers in the World, you never know.

Most of the tabloids are telling stories you have probably heard before and to see the names of players turning up here and there shows that people are desperate for some type of news as long as the football is no longer running.

The fear is to see so many stupid rumours that you start to get tired of it all, and to follow The Sun, 90 minutes and Daily Mail is nothing you should do, then it’s totally taken out of thin air, according to this source.

So why are Leicester Mercury then on the mill just going after the obvious and looks desperate to get a click or two. This cannot continue for a source that earlier was one of the best reporters on Leicester City FC.

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The owners at Leicester City must also look after their business in the best way possible, and if the lockdown continues who knows what this will lead to. Tax-free shopping might not be the most obvious at the moment and we just have to wait and see how this will affect the business going forward.

Wilfred N’Didi, Ben Chilwell and James Maddison are the three Leicester City players in the hot mill at the moment. All of them on long contracts at the club, but we believe that Brendan Rodgers have to give one of them a chance to leave if he wants to invest in new players. Ricardo Pereira is also a sought after player and both Juventus and Barcelona has been mentioned as possible destinations.

So what will happen on the other front, players on the way in, who knows. Philippe Coutinho might look for a move and Leicester City managed to get Esteban Cambiasso, but Brendan knows his budget and will not splash out £65million on this player, and sell a younger one, that looks totally out of the picture.

The latest talk about the young Leeds United midfielder Kalvin Phillips might be a more realistic rumour, but it’s not likely that he will leave his current club if they get promoted and if not, then we can probably see a move coming up.

Sorry, but at the moment every talk of a transfer is freezing cold and we don’t believe any of the talk of such will happen, not yet. A number of the names mentioned could end up at Leicester City, but before one sale is done nothing looks to be happening.

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The grim situation at the moment and if it continues could see a number of Leicester City players leave on a free just to get them all of the wage bill, this could be the situation for players such as Daniel Amartey, Adrien Silva, Nampalys Mendy, Islam Slimani, Andy King and Matty James.

A further delay because of the pandemic could also see the breakdown of several academies as that cost will be taken down to the lowest point, and the only thing left will be a thin and minor squad of first team players just to keep the clubs floating.

Professional football leagues in minor countries with less spectators and smaller budgets are at the moment without players and could see clubs going down, hopefully that will not happen, but the last we would see is that clubs have to let players leave just to keep the business alive.

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